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Though the current age design tools are very sophisticated these days to show a very realistic rendering of a product on the computer screen, nothing beats a physical sample of the product for the user to touch and feel, play around with, understand the product deeper, test for various functions and suggest improvements as needed.

Prototypes can be helpful at multiple stages of a Product development cycle. A Prototype made after the engineering phase will bring out any manufacturing, assembly or servicing issue that might have sneaked through the design. Prototyping after the ideation phase could prove very helpful when the designers/ engineers are evaluating multiple design options for a product before freezing one to go ahead with, and make further improvements.

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Prototyping & Design validation

Prototyping is an essential stage in the development cycle of a product before its manufacturing release. Prototyping naturally avoids leaving out anything to chance. So we don’t see a lot of surprises or discoveries while or after the product is manufactured.

With the advent of advanced rapid prototyping methods, it is very easy to prototype any design and validate the products for many aspects. iSol has a very well established ecosystem for prototyping that our customers have been greatly benefiting from. We have even carried out low volume pilot and production lots with prototyping for some of our customers where heavy investment in tooling was not viable.

Prototyping can be done with a variety of processes. SLA, SLS, FDM, Polyjet/ Multijet printing, CNC Machining and Vacuum Casting (for Plastics). DMLS, SLM, MIM and Investment Casting (for metals). In addition, regular machining and sheet metal processes are also used where called for. Each process has its own merit and limitations. We will select the best process based on different parameters like the customer’s budget, quantity to be produced, part’s performance and strength requirement, expected part aesthetics, finish needed, lead-time, etc.

As a complete solutions provider in this domain, iSol has carried out services ranging from R&D, conceptualization, Industrial Design, Product and System Engineering, Simulation & Analysis, prototyping, manufacturing drawings and even development of products.

We have manufacturing partners who have a proven experience specifically in this domain.

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Prototyping & Design validation

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