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Industrial Design is all about User and User Experience. A good Industrial Design establishes an everlasting emotional connect with the user by developing the appropriate form, fit and function in sync with the technology and features of a product. Thus Industrial Design can create products that are user-friendly, safe and reliable, while having practical appeal and good aesthetics.

Beyond form, fit, function and ergonomics of a product, Industrial Design sets the design language for the products of an organization, considering the type of users, user environments, current and future trends of such consumers, market/ industry. Going further, an innovative Industrial Design can actually start a trend that others might follow! Products developed with a good Industrial Design have often become an organization’s Brand Identity.

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Industrial Design

Industrial Design (ID) is intrinsic to the technology and features of a product. Design also evolves from the form factor of the product. And, Form follows function. The current and future trends of the industry/ Domain are also an important factor considered in our designs.

At iSol, Industrial Design concepts are developed collaboratively between our Designers and Engineers on one side, and the customers/ users on the other. We map the requirements with the customers’ cost targets in order to choose the appropriate material and finish, and yet strive to achieve the best possible look and feel within the cost constraints. We also study competitors’ products available in the market and ensure that our designs are unique and stand out from the rest. With our vast development and manufacturing experience, we ensure that while our designs maintain the creative edge, they can also be manufactured without issues.

With almost two decades of experience in the field providing world class design solutions, iSol has been helping customers build their business success across various industry segments, domains and geographies. Some of our designs have been awarded/ filed for patents. One of our designs was a finalist for design awards in METSTRADE Show.

As a complete solutions provider in this domain, iSol has carried out services ranging from R&D, conceptualization, Industrial Design, Product and System Engineering, Simulation & Analysis, prototyping, manufacturing drawings and even development of products.

We have manufacturing partners who have a proven experience specifically in this domain.

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Industrial Design

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