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Flow and fill analysis is a customized CAE tool to assess the mold-worthiness of an injection molded plastic part or a die-cast metal part. It helps design engineers and tool makers alike in many ways so that the part design, tool design and the production process parameters can be optimized before even starting the mold manufacture.

It simulates the flow of a molten thermoplastic/ metal in a mold/ die from its starting point (Sprue) through the injection point (Gate) till the farthest point to be filled, and predicts various issues that the part may face during and after manufacturing. It predicts whether the molten material fills the cavity completely, the time it takes to fill, and the optimal machine parameters needed.

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Flow & Fill Analysis

Mold Flow Analysis has become a part and parcel of almost every project at iSol. Whenever we design molded or cast parts, or when our customers ask us to develop or assess such parts, we carry out Mold Flow Analysis and carry out the necessary improvements based on the analysis results, to ensure that the parts are mold worthy.

From the analysis results, our designers and engineers can predict if the part manufactured such, will have any defect like sink marks, weld marks, cracks, flash, short-fill, air traps, burn outs, streak marks and scoring marks. The simplest finding from the analysis would be if the component will eject out of the mold at all!

Tool makers get the most appropriate gate location and size, the shortest runner system required to achieve the best fill, and if there is any need for balancing the same. They also get all the required process parameters for a particular melt material like the injection pressure, temperatures at various zones of the injection system, mold temperature to be maintained, clamping tonnage, cycle time including injection, fill, hold and ejection.

As a complete solutions provider in this domain, iSol has carried out services ranging from R&D, conceptualization, Industrial Design, Product and System Engineering, Simulation & Analysis, prototyping, manufacturing drawings and even development of products.

We have manufacturing partners who have a proven experience specifically in this domain.

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Flow & Fill Analysis

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