Bengaluru, India

Senior Design Engineer

Job Description:

We are looking for good mechanical engineers with a 1 to 3 years of real experience in Product Design and Development in OEMs or Service organizations.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The candidates, if selected, will be carrying out the following responsibilities. Hence they should already have this experience in their current and previous jobs.

  1. Design of Products, subsystems and components
  2. Product Development and New Product Introduction
  3. Understand the product requirements from the customer and translate them to Design and Engineering requirements/ specifications
  4. Plan and execute the designs to meet the explicit and implied requirements
  5. Quick concept generation and thinking of various ‘what if’ scenarios
  6. System level Engineering while considering DFA, DFS, DFF and DFC
  7. Component level Engineering considering DFM
  8. Component level Engineering considering DFM
  9. Developing Prototypes with our prototyping vendors
  10. Release of Manufacturing Drawings with relevant dimensions, tolerances and notes
  11. Developing mechanical components with our manufacturing vendors
Skills set required:
  1. Sound knowledge of design and engineering principles and best practices
  2. Strong knowledge of Manufacturing Processes like Plastic Injection moulding, Sheet metal operations, Metal Casting, Metal and Plastic Machining, Finishing processes, Keypad and Label, Eco-friendly Packing, etc
  3. Should keep abreast of Latest advancements in the above processes and their limitations
  4. Strong knowledge of Application-specific properties of various materials, Plastics and Metals
  5. Expert level in both 3D and 2D, in CAD tools like Solidworks, Creo and, Inventor; should quickly adapt between tools. CAD skill level certificate would be advantageous
  6. GD&T, Effects of Tolerance stack-up
  7. Strong Analytical and Problem-solving Abilities
  8. Attention to Details and Critical Thinking
  9. Basic Engineering Calculations
  10. Mechanism Designs
  11. Designer’s level understanding of Simulation results (Structural, Flow and Thermal) and translating the results into Design updates
  12. Strong knowledge in Engineering standards followed [ANSI, ISO, ASTM]
  13. Should be comfortable working closely with various levels of experienced designers and engineers
  14. Managing tight project timelines without slipping on quality of deliverables
  15. Excellent verbal and written communication abilities.
Work ethics is a must at all frontiers

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