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Surgeons have been saving humans with their surgeries every day around the world. Every surgeon and patient alike, invariably loves it when the surgeries leave minimal or no scar on the patient’s body when healed. In this direction, there has been a tremendous development in surgical technology and techniques. Sophisticated and simple-to-use Surgical Instruments bring in more precision and make the procedures easy and safer, thus greatly helping the surgeons in the overall success of such complex surgeries.

Since 2016, iSol has continuously been designing and developing a range of Surgical implants and Instruments for Arthroscopy including knee repairs, shoulder repair and ankle repair, for a MedTech giant in India. We are very proud of the fact that this range of instruments and implants are the first ever, completely designed and developed in India. Our work in this domain has resulted in about 55 patents.

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Though a lot of development has happened in the surgical industry around the world over the years, there is hardly any major player who is developing and manufacturing these instruments and implants in India. That is when a MetTech multinational in India approached iSol to collaboratively develop Arthroscopic implants and instruments for them.

We are perhaps the first entity to design and develop a comprehensive range of arthroscopic implants and instruments in India. iSol has achieved this feat by meticulously working with the client to understand the market needs, and with a group of well known Surgeons to establish the procedural needs, surgeon’s ergonomics and the expected outcome on the patients. iSol team has attended several surgeries both live and cadaver, in order to develop and release these products.

Before developing any implant or instrument, we study the requirement, attend surgeries where necessary to understand the nuances, deliberate with the surgeons and only then initiate the design. We generate a few options where feasible and carry out CAE Simulation and Analysis in order to optimize the design and select the best option in collaboration with the surgeon, thus avoiding a lot of trial and error in development. We also develop prototypes for a final validation of the design to ensure better clinical results for the surgeon. Testing is a crucial step in the development of implants. iSol team tests the implants and instruments by applying on cadavers and simulated body parts.

Selection of appropriate Biodegradable/ Biocompatible materials is very crucial in the development of implants and instruments that are safe and reliable but also affordable at the same time.

iSol has designed/ developed a wide range of implants both metal (Titanium and Stainless Steel) and Biodegradable (PLLA, Beta TCP and PEEK) and an array of instruments both reusable and single use. Applications include ACL, PCL, Meniscus repair in Knee joint, Rotator Cuff repair, Glenoid and AC Joint repair in shoulder, Syndesmosis/ Ankle repair, Secondary fixation, etc. Instruments include a wide variety of Dispensers, Drivers, Reams, Awls and Drills, Jigs, Aimers, Strippers, Graft Master, Cannula introducer, Lasso, Suture cutter and many more. We have also developed specialized carrying cases and innovative packaging for various instruments and implants.

As a complete solutions provider in this domain, iSol has carried out services ranging from R&D, conceptualization, Industrial Design, Product and System Engineering, Simulation & Analysis, prototyping, manufacturing drawings and even development of products.

We have manufacturing partners who have a proven experience specifically in this domain.

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