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The world is changing rapidly in terms of technology; we are equipped with useful devices that makes our lifestyle better, safer and are about to see smart devices equipped everywhere in the coming decades. Our day to day life is getting dependent on interactive devices. Public places are getting safer and vehicles are getting efficient, eco-friendly.

The marvellous product engineering using IoT and automation technology is the main reason for the development. Our useful devices are getting light, compact with beautiful look due to the result of great product design. Product engineering and industrial design has always played a crucial role in the development of all useful products.

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Niche products refers to the specialised product/s that is developed by a company/industry with a unique feature giving them a leading market recognition. The extent of quality and performance of niche product defines the ability of the company to design and develop the product. Isol has a reputed appreciation from the clients for its niche products; aerospace accessories and Automated Teller Machine(ATM).

Aerospace accessories are the building blocks of an aircraft; they are the key components of the aircraft system. The accessories are required for the aircraft’s repair, maintenance and also to upgrade its features. Isol is a proud partner of multiple researched based aerospace accessories design and manufacturing firms in the USA and Europe. We help to solve the design complexities that arises during the research part of the aerospace accessories. Using applied science principles expert design engineers at iSol bring the best design model to solve the complex problem.  With more than 17 years of experience in the aerospace accessories and ATM domain the design team at Isol have mastered themselves to understand and solve the modern design requirements and their problems. Our clients of aerospace accessories firm include

Isol is too specialised in designing accessories of Automated Teller Machine(ATM). In collaboration with world’s top ATM manufacturer Die Bold, we have designed new models of compact and responsive ATM set with standard features. The Die Bold’s collaboration with iSol have helped them cut up to 60% of design and manufacturing costs significantly reducing its time-to-market. The accessories may be a sensor, integrated camera and video surveillance, fingerprint scanner, aid for the visually disabled, bar code reader, envelope dispenser, cash depositor along with the regular features like card reader, cash dispenser, receipt printer, pin-pad encrypted Keypad. Our fantastic product design solution required for high performance of the product has made us recognised firm providing end to end product design and development services in conceptualization & industrial design, product and system design, prototyping, manufacturing support and parts development.

Apart from the above two products iSol has developed specialised design for the various products such as charger for radiation detectors (IP 51), battery chargers, aerospace connectors, modular A4 thermal printer for ECG device, packing design (Eco friendly packing, ISTA compliance), food inspection equipment, weather simulators, UV tester.

As a complete solutions provider in this domain, iSol has carried out services ranging from R&D, conceptualization, Industrial Design, Product and System Engineering, Simulation & Analysis, prototyping, manufacturing drawings and even development of products.

We have manufacturing partners who have a proven experience specifically in this domain.

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