Bengaluru, India

Sterilizable remote


Ultrasound is an advanced intraoperative surgical procedure to navigate and identify lesions and anatomical structures in real-time. To control the Ultrasound wave angle Sterilized remote is used.

Project Scope

We designed and developed the complete product starting from Conceptualization, Detailed engineering, Development of Prototypes, Design Validation, Testing for IP68K, Drop test analysis as per regulatory requirement, Mould flow analysis, Manufacturing Drawings Release, Until shipment packing design.

As part of the Design validation, iSol also carried out a drop test and confirmed the product would be safe upon accidental drop from 3 feet to the ground

Product Features & Highlights

This Sterilized remote is used in operation theater to perform internal examinations of the patient. It is completely screwless designed and It is designed to withstand 14 types of sterilization systems like pressurized sterilization, Gamma-ray sterilization, and other liquid sterilization methods.

This product’s CG is balanced by putting a weight in the rear section of the product to counter the metal cap weight at the front.The remote contains gyro and accelerometer sensors and it needs to withstand the drop of 8 feet as per regulatory requirement. To achieve this we have cushioned the PCB with the rubber legs like a Hard Disk mount.

Drop test analysis was performed with a wall thickness of 0.7mm and we have identified the more stress-acting region and increased the thickness to 1.2mm from 0.7mm. This increase the FOS to about 3.0. By this, we have certified 8 feet drop.

Mould flow analysis for this product.A Cooling, filling/packing, and warpage analysis were conducted on the single cavity. The part has been analyzed to Evaluate the gating locations, filling properties, analyze shear stress, shear rates, flow front temperatures, the position of weld line, air trap.Overall height of the product 20.8mm and 0.7mm wall thickness we have achieved. For this special type of Biocompatible plastic material is used. and glued around with biocompatible glue

Packing design

Packing design consist double layer product is suspended in mid of packing thus product is not directly contacted with outer layer of the packing. So most of the outside impacts are absorbed by the packing material and the air cushion provided.