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Smart Plug

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It is hard to imagine today’s world without consumer products and Devices. They are ubiquitous in everybody’s life. Devices like mobile devices, entertainment devices, IoT devices for home automation, etc. are considered by far the closest gadgets to the users. So it is very important to design these devices to cater to a wide range of demographics.

Product Features

Smart plug (IOT automation device) is a platform device that could be used in industrial automation.

It could be used in monitoring power quality in real-time .

The product has been designed and developed specifically for Industrial usage. Fully The Power Quality device includes either WiFi or LTE connectivity, remote access to real-time and historical data, and receptacle power control. Identify voltage and equipment problems, track power usage, and control loads from your equipment, and High quality plugs with flame retardant body and surge protection, designed for standards.

Project Scope

The product was designed to be deployed in industrial areas, specifically to enhance industrial automation. The form aesthetics that were applied were to increase user understanding and to support efficient functioning of the product. A pair of concepts were paired, one being the traditional concept having a regular box structure with a simple layout and another contemporary concept featuring curved edges and a minimal functional layout. We designed and developed the complete mechanicals and electronics for the product including Conceptualization, Detailed engineering, Development of Prototypes, Design Validation, Manufacturing Drawings Release, and Development of Parts.


While decent aesthetics were rendered to the product, iSol ensured that the device was safe to be used in the industrial environment. The product is easy to assemble as it is secured by only one screw and snaps in other places to be accessed by authorized service men.

The product was designed and engineered for a good look and perfect functionality and all the user application features. The concepts featured a pair of diverse color palettes to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the product. The contemporary concept being more suitable to present times was widely appreciated for its simple yet attractive form aesthetics and clean interface. iSol successfully developed all the injection molded plastic parts, with an overseas supplier of customer choice.

As part of the Design validation, iSol also carried out mould flow for drop and confirmed the product would be safe upon accidental drop from 3 feet to the ground.