Bengaluru, India

Friability Tester


Friability Tester is a device used in the pharmaceutical industry to test the durability of tablets during transit. This testing involves repeatedly dropping a sample of tablets over a fixed time, using a rotating wheel with a baffle. The result is inspected for broken tablets, and the percentage of tablet mass lost through chipping. A typical specification will allow a non-zero percentage of chipping and zero broken tablets.

Project Scope

We designed and developed the product for Pharmag Instruments including Conceptualization, Detailed engineering, Development of Prototypes, Design Validation, Manufacturing Drawings Release, and Development of Parts.

Product Features

The Friability Testing instruments adhere to USP and EP compliant. A friability tester can be used to find the ability of the compressed tablet for avoiding fracture and breaking of the tablet during transportation. Operating the machine is very easy. It has LCD display 20X4 is mainly used to indicate the set RPM or Count Depending upon the selection of mode of operation. Having the functionality 10º angle for larger tablets test. Power off Resume and Auto Unloading features are inbuilt. Available RS-232 interface with Sartorius, Mettler, and Shimadzu balance. Also available 40 Column inbuilt mini Dot Matrix printer for the test report. Keypad has the functionality to edit the alphanumeric values also used for other functions.


The Pharmag Instruments, Friability Tester comes with USP and EP compliant. Available with an 40 column built-in printer installed. The printer contributes no space to the overall product dimensions. LCD Display 20X4 Indicating of set RPM or Count Depending upon the selection of mode of operation. Compact and lightweight design is well suited for portability and using a production setting.