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Energy Meter


Typically landlords charge the tenants electricity cost by either included the utility cost in the bulk price of the rent or lease or dividing the utility usage among the tenants in some way such as equally, by square footage via allocation methods or some other means. Without a meter to measure individual usage, there is less incentive to identify building inefficiencies, since the other tenants or landlord may pay all or part of those costs. Sub-metering creates awareness of Energy conservation because landlords and tenants are equally aware of what they will pay for these inefficiencies if they are not attended to. Sub-metering is also used for the monitoring of the electrical consumption of individual equipment within a building, such as HVAC, indoor and outdoor lighting, refrigeration, kitchen equipment, and more.

Product Features & Highlights

Triacta Single Point Meter(SPM) systems are modular, high-density electrical meters and pulse collectors for M&V, energy management, and tenant billing applications. SPM is among the most accurate and reliable meters available today — with a low cost per meter point and easy installation and configuration processes that give you fast and complete building coverage.

SPM is web-centric devices with collectors built-in, so there’s no need for additional proprietary on-premises collector systems. And that use multiple internets and BAS protocols, so communicating with cloud-based servers or building automation systems is a snap. Gain valuable insight into all your building services consumption through a unified metering network. SPM is designed to Maximize the customer meter investment by deploying a long-lasting, utility-grade meter design. The SPM is equipped with WIFI Craft Interface for Instantly connect to existing WIFI networks or establish your own when none are present.

Single Point Meter (SPM) made very compact compared to the Multi Point Meter(MPM). The product was designed for easy assembly and service. Same time the mounting features are designed in a way, the customer will not be able to access the internal meter unit This was a tamper proof product. We designed the complete product for Triacta including Detailed engineering, Design Validation, and Manufacturing Drawings Release.