Bengaluru, India

Digital Power Meter


Digital Power Meter (DPM) is a standard solution for providing deeper transparency into the happenings in an electrical circuit.

Project Scope

We designed and developed the product for the customer including Conceptualization, Detailed engineering, Development of Prototypes, and Release of Manufacturing Drawings.

Product Features

The DPM is used to monitor, communicate, and display key electrical parameters that are critical to understanding the real-time health and activity of loads or power sources. The data given by the meter provides the information needed to make key decisions on-site regarding energy management, optimization, utilization, load planning, or even for general reference.


This product is designed for different types of mountings like panel mount, wall mount and gang box mounting. In this product keypads was designed for gloved operation as well designed two alternatives of switch features. Due to the regulatory requirement the material chose was FR grade material and high voltage application.