Bengaluru, India


Complete product designed and developed


Built-in radiometer calibrated to a NIST traceable standard enables precise and accurate dosing to obviate end-user calibration. Safety interlocks to prevent users from accidental UV exposure. Highly uniform surface illumination and compact size to accommodate limited lab space.

Product Features

Products are used in general laboratories, institutions, etc. (not in a healthcare environment). So products conform to general electrical equipment standards (EN61010). The front panel of the product will have a power switch and 4-digit 7 segment display, a membrane keypad, and a flip-opening glass door. The product will also have an external power input with an integrated power switch.

Scope & Highlights

We designed and developed the product for the customer including Conceptualization, Detailed engineering, Development of Prototypes, and Release of Manufacturing Drawings. The design concept developed by iSol features a boxy structure with minimal aesthetics meant to elevate the functional significance of the product. The compact design of the product enables the user to easily set up and operate. The interface has been carefully designed by taking the ergonomic and environmental conditions into consideration.

The design aims to enhance user interaction with the product which is why it has a minimal color scheme and a simple functional layout. The process of manufacturability and assembly have been taken into consideration, along with the close study of the product environment to achieve desirable solutions. The product is full of sheet metal construction only and suitable off the shelf sliding mechanism used