Bengaluru, India

Bed Side Monitor


Patient monitoring is a device that aids in monitoring the health conditions of neonates to adults. used by medical professionals to monitor important body vitals. Monitor display of major body functions on a device that looks like a television screen

Product Features

The product can measure, record, distribute and display combinations of biometric values such as ECG, heart rate, Pulse rate, SPO2, temperature. The device has a nice 12” touch display. It also has a 3” Printer. The product works both on AC power and a user-replaceable battery so that it can be used in rural hospitals or camps or places where there may not be continuous availability of line power.

Project Scope

We designed and developed the product, including Conceptualization, Detailed engineering, Development of Prototypes, Design Validation, Manufacturing Drawings Release, and Development, As part of the Design validation, iSol also carried out a drop test and confirmed the product would be safe upon accidental drop from 3 feet to the ground


A total of four unique concepts were proposed that include, a clean convex concept comprising clean edges curving outwardly, a fluid dynamic concept featuring smooth curves tapering towards the apex, a futuristic concept featuring sharp edges with an overall masculine appearance exploring a wide range of materials, and a traditional boxy concept featuring a simple square facade with a clean layout of functions. The final design chosen by the client was the traditional monitor concept. The concept had a minimal interface, characterized by smooth and reflective edges, a tapered apex, and an overall stable structure. The minimal form and the detailed structuring of the functional layouts were deemed crucial as the product was to be used by medical professionals to monitor important body vitals.

The industrial design chosen was engineered to incorporate with the metal chassis inside which is housing the electronics. The manufacturability and assembly of the front and back cover was ensured with out changing the Industrial design intend. A decent size light pipe was on the top of front face of the product which can be noticed from a distance to alert the medical staff for Device functionality or patient parameter, A special type of battery cover was used for easy and quick replacement.

The device designed in 2014 has successfully passed the 3rd edition of safety & regulatory requirements. iSol successfully developed all the injection molded plastic parts, with an overseas supplier of customer choice.