Bengaluru, India

ATM - Structural Analysis

Project Scope

To facilitate front servicing, the Upper Front fascia was designed with gas springs to open like a car trunk door. As the fascia was a heavy metal part with plastic cladding, it was imperative that the fascia when opened would not swing back onto the service personnel due to its self-weight. iSol carried out Finite Element Analysis/Simulation for this and ensured that the design was safe.


1. Reaction force on both Gas springs due to self weight of door assembly.

2. Reaction force on both Pivot pins due to self weight of door assembly.

3. Reaction force on both Rear brackets due to self weight of door assembly.

4. The stress concentration points on the Metal frames of Upper Fascia.

5. Reaction force on both Side Plates (2.5mm thick) due to Pivot pins and Rear brackets.

Material Properties

Mild Steel with Modulus of elasticity 20000Kg/mm­­­², Poisson’s ratio of 0.3 and Density of material 7850Kg/mm­­­3.

Boundary Conditions

Base of the Box was constrained at bottom in all directions. Pivot action was simulated by making only required rotational d.o.f active during analysis.

Loading Conditions

Total no of elements=143885

Total no of nodes=148460



Maximum deformation in door is 1.75 mm.

Equivalent Stresses in Gas Spring Support Bracket area up to 16.313 Kg/mm­­­² and design margin based on yield 1.53. Increase the thickness of the brackets if more design margin is required