Bengaluru, India

Thermal Analysis of Camera Module


Thermal performance of camera module.

1. The enclosure is Aluminum 6061

2. The product is camera mounted on a vehicle..

3. Need to analyze the internal thermal performance with natural convection.

4. Radiation heat transfer from components to internal walls also considered.

5. Ambient temperature: 59°C

Boundary Conditions

The Enclosure was made of aluminium. With the convective heat flux boundary condition, a linear heat transfer model is applied between the boundary entities and the external environment.

Maximum temperature observed is 94.3℃


1. Maximum temperature observed is 94.3ºC (GW5300) and no component has exceeded the temperature limit of 105ºC

2. All components on the sensor board except U5_SSB on an average are about 20ºC lesser than the maximum limit. Component U5_SSB is operating at 94.3ºC which needs necessary action.

3. All components except U2_SRB on the Serializer board on an average are about 20ºC lesser than the maximum limit. U2_SRB might need necessary action

4. All components on the ISP board seem safe and are on average 20ºC lesser than the maximum limit

5. Necessary action need to be taken on components operating close to the temperature limit