Bengaluru, India

All Suture


A surgical suture is one of the most common medical devices used by doctors during surgeries. The suture helps in holding body tissues together after a surgery or an injury. The application of a suture essentially involves the use of a needle along with an attached thread. Today, Doctors have access to a wide variety and types of surgical sutures of different sizes, shapes, and thread materials.

Project Scope

We designed and developed the product for a Global Medtech Company focused on products used in surgical, post-surgical and chronic care, Including Detailed engineering, Development of Prototypes, Design Validation, CAE, Manufacturing Drawings Release, and Development of Parts.


All suture is used for soft-tissue attachment to the bone and It is made up of biodegradable Polyglactin 910 material. Suture bunch is used as an anchor which means, It does not require any anchor plate So it reduces the operation time and cost.