Bengaluru, India

Aero Probe


It is hard to see a product becoming successful being poor Ergonomically. imagine today’s world without consumer products and Devices. They are ubiquitous in everybody’s life. Devices like mobile devices, entertainment devices, IoT devices for home automation, etc. are considered by far the closest gadgets to the users. So it is very important to design these devices to cater to a wide range of demographics.

Product Features

Aero Probe (Wiring Analyzer) is a handheld device that is used for wire harness testing.

Project Scope

We designed the complete mechanicals for the product including Conceptualization, Detailed engineering, Manufacturing Drawings Release.


While customer wanted to develop the product by utilizing off-the-shelf enclosures available in the market. Among many enclosures available, iSol chose an ergonomically satisfying and rugged one as this will be used in a harsh way, at the same time the aesthetic appeal of the product was taken care of. iSol provided two options to the customer for the input and output cable routing, One at the bottom and the other one on the sides of the enclosure. We were to match the PCB shape to the complex contour of the enclosure. iSol designed the keypad aesthetically appealing with the contour of the enclosure. We optimized the design of the brackets by using the available features in the enclosure(Avoiding unnecessary machining).

As part of the Design validation, iSol also carried out FE Simulation for drop and confirmed the product would be safe upon accidental drop from 3 feet to the ground.